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A Deadly Trio: Me, Home and Work

This week’s rating: 5/10. I am disappointed in myself, somewhat. I started my new job this week, which is working from home, and it has compleeeeetely thrown off my homework schedule. And I just found out I got approved to go on a study abroad to Italy, so I don’t even know if I can keep this job! Hurray. End of week update, I finished all my work Friday, so the week’s rating goes up to 8/10.
Audio was probably my WORST medium to learn. I know that stems from not having any practice on it, so I was not going to be able to pick it up and perfect it.

My perfectionist self got a tad frustrated with that. I spent countless hours trying to find a webpage or app that I could put music over for the audio assignments, but spent about two hours doing that and ended up changing a few of the assignments. I choose higher ranked/harder assignments to be able to focus on the quality of work versus the quantity. Once I did, and started recording, I had a lot of fun with them. I really think I want to start a podcast, but not sure what to name? If you have any recommendations I am Hispanic female, empowered, a Taurus and into fitness, motivational speaking, not sure what else to include there haha.
Back to the work, I definitely enjoy the pace of this class more than expected, yes it is a lot, but it is a LOT of information and knowledge that I am gaining. I downloaded Audacity and had fun messing with that, as well as constantly listening to music and podcasts to fuel my inspirations which was great. My favorite assignment was the Dramatic Reading Remix I did, I had the most fun with that because I often read lyrics and am like wow, this does not match or just like making fun parody’s, like these viral videos from a couple years ago.

I completed all the assignments which I am proud of because I spent hours working on audio, but am looking forward to any feedback I am going to be getting from classmates.

Audio Assignments (13 Stars)

Dramatic Reading Remix (4.5 Stars)

Have A Phone Conversation With Yourself (5 Stars)

Story Time Fun Time (3.5 Stars)


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Hey Evelyn!
Congrats on the new job, and the trip to Italy! That all sounds so exciting, but certainly a bit tricky to navigate. I am sure you’ll figure it out. I too struggled with audio this week but hey! We made it! On another note I love the creativity of your blog titles. They always make me smile.

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