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Audition Radio Ad!

Original DS 106 Assignment: Fictional Radio Ad (4 1/2)

Avery is on her way home from another 12 hour shift at work. She’s tired of hearing the same music she has on shuffle, while she does love it, everything just feels monotonous. Instead of taking her regular route to work, she goes the long way, willingly sitting in traffic just to be out of the house a bit longer. She turns the radio to a random station that doesn’t have an insane amount of static.

Step 1: Make a script. The key to making this idea come to life is to have your main points written out. This is what radio hosts actually do/get, main points to mention and make sure the audience hears. While it is “scripted” some of the best radio hosts are also good at improvising. For this, I did my script on the sticky notes of my laptop, so while I was recording I was able to read off there.

Step 2: Record! I like to start off with recording the main audio that other tracks are going to be under so I can begin to set the tone for how I want the ad to hear. I like to record on Audacity because it is a free resource and there’s a lot of tutorials online on how to manipulate the software.

Step 3: Find audio to emphasize the message you are trying to get across. The theme for this is to be a radio ad, and as in the assignment description, there is usually music playing in the background lightly. I used to get audio that I feel would fit. I decided to look for pop sounds/pop music which is usually playing on the radio stations that I listen to.
Step 4: Import audios into audacity. On Audacity go to File > Import > Audio. Slide and lower the audio when it is appropriate. I imported a pop music audio and slide it to the end. I added the “Fade In” effect to make the song start towards the end of the original audio. That’s mostly how I remember radio ad’s so that’s how I want it to sound.
Step 5: Repeat with all audios until you are satisfied. With this ad, I wanted to keep the audio as the focus since it would be a part of the overall story so it did have some background audio during the ad, but nothing that would take away from the message.

Step 6: Export! This will allow you to save it to your computer and upload to other medias to share. For embedding purposes, I am uploading it to Soundcloud so it’s easier to be accessed by other people.

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