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Hear Me Out

Original DS106 Assignment: Have A Phone Conversation With Yourself (5 stars)

A start up fitness company is always the hardest to get people to join because people have loyalties to. In answering all the calls for my new business, Pilates Room, I want to make sure the person interested needs are met and have all their questions answered. Below is a sample call between a customer service representative and a potential member.

Step 1: Open Audacity. Click on the red “Record” button and speak into for the audio you want to record. Since there is going to be two “people” speaking you need to do two different audio recordings to be able to alter them separately.

Step 2: Go to and find an audio that would add the effect you would like for the recording and download it to your computer. I added the phone ringing and some nice relaxing music you’d expect to hear playing in a pilates room.

Step 3: Go back to Audacity and Follow File > Import > Audio, to upload the audio you found on freesound.

Step 4: Be mindful of where the audios are. When you import and audio, it automatically adds it to the beginning of the track. With this being a phone call, all the bells and whistles don’t need to be going off at the same time. Click the gray bar at the top of each audio to make edits to them. This is best done when no recording is going on because it gives you more access to effects.

Step 5: Save! Or Export. I was trying to do the usual Save As to name and save the file, but it gave me a warning that it needs to be “Exported” to be able to be used outside of Audacity.

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