Audio ds106 Thoughts/Ideas

If The Moon is Real

Thinking that there is speeches like the one presented in “Moon Graffiti” is truly chilling. In an event like the moon landing, it is seen more as a great achievement than “what’s going to happen to those guys.” This audio emphasizes some of the emotions those men felt on the “Moon” and what the people felt watching and hearing the landing happen. The most daunting was when one said “Do you think God will find us on the moon?” That sentence alone could have sent me into tears. The sounds included, the touchdown crash, the ominous silence at the beginning of the speech and like lack of static when they were trying to connect back with base… all began to paint a picture in my head of what they were experiencing.

Supposedly this is the Moon

The ominous background music that felt like the emptiness in a quite room or what we all assume space sounds like. Also the static between the two men trying to have some final moments together, but not being able to hold in their cries. If there was a more upbeat music in the back, it could completely change the entire feel and if presented would feel like a different success to the end of their journey. We were taught what the Moon looks like is below. The audio in Moon Graffiti made me feel all of it, darkness, stillness, loneliness that we learn of the Moon to be.
The audio used describes the situation. If it is a love story there is more chimey, quick beats; for a horror movie, deep toned intense beats, and for a somber story, slow low tones. The audio sets the mood.

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