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Thoughts of Lo Radio

TED Radio Hour & ScottLo

“What you put into the course is what you get out of it.” I have heard this phrase a couple times from different people regarding this course and I definitely think it is true. With ScottLo on the LoDown and his review of previous DS106 students work, it became more and more evident through the audio assignments of who put effort in and who didn’t. While throwing different audios together creates something new, does not mean it is something good. Like the Radio Hour edit, when someone was to speak about a topic and their emotions would be presented through their words, any background noise went away. It reminds me of when in grade school, the teachers voice would resonate through a classroom to get everyone’s attention, and while there’s always a hypothetical record scratch in the background, their voice was enough to convey what was expected. It is the same reflection of a majority of other things in life. You can’t except to do great or get 100% if you don’t submit all your assignments or consistently show up to work late. I listened to LoDown after doing my Audio Assignments, but I would have recommended to do it beforehand as he gave a lot of tips about Audacity and to make the work seem more genuine.

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I agree – I mentioned in my reflection that the random silence or “record scratch” as you call it, was to get your attention and make you feel like you needed to focus on the words, and the words only. Your comparison of being in grade school, when the teachers voice would resonate through a classroom to get everyone’s attention, is a great example of what we were both trying to explain.

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