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The Return Of Muffs?

Original DS106 Assignment: Story Time Fun Time (3.5 stars)

A story based on events! An on going investigation of what happened to Muffin. Did she escape? Is she under the couch? Will I get her back?

Step 1: Open Audacity. Record your original story to add as the first audio with the red “Record” button.

Step 2: Go to to get some audios that best suit your story. On the search bar enter key words like “dramatic” “sad” “scared.” Sometimes you have to go through multiple pages, but there definitely are great variations there.

Step 3: Import audio to Audacity by going to File > Import > Selecting Audio.

Step 4: Adjust! The story is going to be lead by where the audio is, how it starts and end, and the mood it creates around the story. To get more knowledge on how to do this, watch this video along with others linked underneath it to see how it’s done.!

Here is an overview of what my Audacity looked like by the end of the project.

Step 5: Export to your computer & upload or share to where you want! More customization comes here with photo covers, names, or where you want to share it.

4 replies on “The Return Of Muffs?”

This was a very suspenseful story. I liked all the background music, though in some moments it was difficult to hear your voice clearly over the music. That was quite a cliffhanger. Good job!

I think that you did a really great job of building suspense in your story! I can really visualize everything that is happening, especially with the sound effects. I also did a story about my pet, but I don’t think that it was nearly as interesting. I also like that you showed a video of your work.

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