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Bad Guy: Not the Billie Eilish Song

Original DS 106 Assignment: Bad Guy Business Card (2 stars)

I was recruited by a local Chicago group known as the Kumbia Kingz to make business cards for them. They are a group of Chicano-Latino members of over 20. Upon meeting, they explained the business cards they needed was to “promote” their group for “music.” This is their group picture. I had a 30 minute meeting with them and gave them a 72 hour time frame to fulfill their request.

Have had news coverage done of them where this photo came from

Step 1: Going to trusty Canva. Open Canva at

Step 2: Type “business card” into the search and select a template you prefer or it gives you the options to start with a blank one. For this “group” we are going to use main colors from their photo being black, white, and the jorts blue.

Step 3: For this “group” to create a more friendly and less obvious theme, I am using part of the photo above, zooming in on the two front members and create some color blocking on the card.

Step 3: Add font. This is where key words are needed and contact information if possible. For this group, some Old English font fits the group. The typical “Old English” that is found in Microsoft Word is not available, so with a quick Google search, I found which similar ones are available in Canva Free.

Step 4: Creativity. Creativity. Creativity. Using information provided as well as external research allow for best results.

Step 5: Since these are going to be business cards, we can select the “Print Business Cards” button in the right corner and edit the type of paper, finish, and number of cards to fulfill the request.

Step 6: Print cards and send invoice! Whatever they may or may not be up to, as long as your paid is out of your control. Save the file and provide to them for an extra fee.

For the sake of being actually afraid of Chicage Gangs, I did a different group which is actually a music group, Kumbia Kingz, which is not (as far as I know) affiliated with the Lxxxn Kingz from Chicago. Enjoy their song! This one is about not having money, but only love to give.

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