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Design Blitz Fail

In my time as a low level interior designer, I have come across MANY design fails. With small spaces such as apartments or bedrooms, it is really important to take these into consideration to make the overall look better. I also attend a graduation this weekend that had design elements in it as well.

Minimalism and Space
Minimalism and Use of Space

The above space is a 13 ft x 13 ft living room space. When designing, there was three main things the owner wanted which is the couch, the tv stand, and their pet tree. Upon viewing the space, there is also a sliding glass door that needs space to open and be accessible. The best use of this space is as shown in the photo above with minimalism and proper use of space. The sun comes in during the day towards the left hand side of the room, so it is better to put the couch there so there is no reflection on the tv that would impede on it use. Their pet tree also has a litter box at the bottom, so it is best to put that into the corner so it is closest to the door if it needs to be aired out or cleaned. To add smaller touches, the coffee table is a light weight one that can be moved around if needed in the room and adding a colorful rug to pull a bit out of the minimalism.


This is painting is believed to be early art of Italy with an unknown artist. This design caught my eye because of a few aspects of dominance. The tallest and widest building that is two windows wide and more than three floors high pops out first. After that the red terrace to the left is what your eyes drawn to and finally the green buildings in the background that blend a bit into the sky color. Each element of the painting felt like it followed a flow of dominance. The thickness of the terraces and windows draws the eye towards them. The contrast as well between the colors of the building in the forefront and the buildings in the background adds to the level of dominance each part of the painting has.


In the photo above there is a bedroom that needed to be designed for functionality, but richer essence. With this I was immediately drawn to crating symmetry in the room. Symmetry makes the room have an overall clean feel, as well as creating balance in the room. I chose to add a bedside table as well as a lamp on top for each. The bedroom was centered in the room between the two to create that line down the room. Also having the duvet being a contrasting color allowed for the symmetry to pop even more. Aside from appeal to the eye, there is functionality in having ability to have things on both sides and being able to reach it depending what side you sleep on. I took out one dresser to see if it added space to the room, which was second important, but the balance of the room got completely thrown off.


This is a college graduation. Someone decided the design of the caps, gowns, and the color the graduates wore. The color green signifies many things. In the Bible, green represented growth, prosperity, and restoration. These all well attribute to what a graduation signifies, the end of a chapter and using all the knowledge gained to propel a future you can design. To the eye, green is a relaxing color as it resembles nature. For these graduates, having everyone wear green caps and gowns represents their unity. This promotes the sense of community and abundance. Although they all had different paths getting to this moment and will travel different paths going forward, this is a moment they all share.

Design is everywhere. Someone designed everything that we have, whether it be furniture, clothes or art. This made me realize I do understand many of the aspects of design and implement them in daily life as well as many people do.

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