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Friendly Neighborhood Rapper

Original DS 106 Assignment: SuperHero — Super Villain Your Friend (2 stars)

Growing up in a growing city like Pittsburgh, PA was not easy. Especially living on food stamps and other government assistance, there didn’t seem like any way out. I met Mac in 2012, we bonded off of music and trying to get away from the oppression that surrounded us. He was always into music, laughing and making everyone happy. He got along well with everyone and definitely had your back even when you didn’t know it. He reminded me alot of Spider-Man and that was his favorite Superhero from the MCU. If you don’t know about the MCU, strap in, because there is alot to learn.

His name is Malcom, but he goes by Mac. He’s going to be a super great rapper one day. For now, he sticks to performing in high schools and any events that will have him really! He’s made about $2000 in the past couple years performing… but we know he’s going to make it! I hope he stumbles upon this one day because he says he looks nothing like Spider-Man. Lo and behold, he is Spider-Man!

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