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Original DS 106 Assignment: Subtitle GIF (3 stars)

I am starting my new job at a Marketing Firm on Tuesday (Monday is considered Memorial Day). As an associate team member, I was tasked with making a GIF that shows how I feel by the end of the work week! A lot of the people working in this firm have been in this field for years and I am looking to make something that can be #relateable. I am the first new employee they have since the COVID-19 Pandemic began. Being a work from home job, I needed to find something that is likeable to be the GIF.

Step 1: Make a GIF! One of my favorite ways of making GIF’s is on Twitter. This is a recent update that the platform uses. The biggest thing is capturing what you want the GIF of. Here is my over 2 minute struggling trying to get a usable GIF, and missed opportunities.

Step 2: Save the GIF to your computer to be able to edit. Twitter does not yet provide an automatic “Save GIF” option, so we need to use to download it.

Step 3: Right click on the tweet and copy the “GIF address” and paste into TWDownload site.

Step 4: Save! This is saved as a MP4, which is a video file, different from a GIF file so now we need to convert back to GIF and add text.

Step 5: Open , and click on ‘Video to GIF’ since an MP4 file is a video file, click “Convert to GIF”

Step 6: In the menu below, click ‘Add text’ this allows you to add text per frame that you selected when converting.

Step 7: Save as a GIF! Rename to be easily found among other files.

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