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On the Road

Original DS 106 Assignment: Design A License Plate (3 1/2 stars)

Avery is on her way to the finale! One thing they don’t tell you is that you need to make you’re own way there… I get the whole investing in yourself thing, but have you seen gas prices? Plus thats 15 HOUR drive. Avery has to get in her 2000 Toyota Four Runner and hit the road hoping she makes it.

Step 1: Look for wear to generate a license plate. Since I wanted this to be accessible to everyone as possible I focused on making this through a free website. The best website I found is this license plate maker.

Step 2: Edit, while there are instructions on the website, the different filters are pretty easy to figure out. You can change the state (for Avery we obviously so chose Texas) as well as the year. The year pertains to the standard license plate that was generated.

Step 3: Share! Yup, it was that easy. It only allows you to save as a JPG to your computer for sharing.

From reading around on this site, it looks like it’s an independently run site which is why there’s limitations on design (not a bad thing) and also what makes it so user friendly.

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