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The Monopoly We Need

Original DS 106 Assignment: The Ultimate Merger (4 stars)

My two biggest things in my life right now are the gym and my cat, Muffin. I am a resident goer of my local Gold’s Gym and an everyday owner of my cat. Imagine going into the gym and kittens laying on the machines watching you workout or running on the treadmill with you? The gym’s do NOT encourage weight slamming so I would be even more cautious not to do so if I knew I could smash a kitten. “Yeah I went to the gym today, I almost crushed Lia.” A danger dream… but not a nightmare… It’s what we need. An adoption center and gym collide and conquer.

Step 1: Select the two logos of the ultimate merger for you! For me obviously Gold’s Gym logo and a cat adoption center logo will be used.

Step 2: Open Microsoft Word and add both images to the page.

Step 3: Select the image that you want to be on the forefront and remove the background from it. This can be used by clicking on the photo, clicking on “Picture Format” and “Remove Background” I spent entirely too much time trying to be precise, but for it to be a funny low budget gym/adoption center theme, we left the extra fuzz. Wait for below where an avid gym goers is interview about this Ultimate Merger!!

Step 4: Edit and place the photos to your liking.

Step 5: Invoice the person who is asking for this merger logo because once they see it… they might not want to pay. Or they will probably love it.

Step 6: Use Snip & Sketch feature! This can be used to further crop and filter the logo.

Membership is $24.99 with unlimited petting available

Live Interview with a member of the local Gold’s Gym!!

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