ds106 Summary

Chapter 2: Will We Make It?

Overall Week rating: 7/10 because assignments were completed, there were strides made, but still room for improvement.

I started out the work week, Monday, with setting up all my post sites. This allowed for me to be able to make sure all had the appropriate tags, categories, etc. and I would definitely recommend because it allowed me to also create a schedule for the rest of the week. I chose all the assignments and GIFs I wanted to do for this assignment week. Tuesday was not a success, I think I did maybe one assignment because I was closing out things at my job and my coworker was out with COVID. Come Wednesday and Friday I got a majority of the assignments done. I got a lot more comfortable adding stories and details to my posts. It may not be to the excess of an out of body experience, but it felt really nice to do something that was not black and white. I even ended up watching a documentary on fonts! Who would have guessed? And on a Saturday! Being able to know where to go to create GIFs or what the assignments needed felt a lot easier. Also being able to use some of my other medias like Soundcloud and Vimeo to include in my assignments. Vimeo record is definitely a favorite. The assignment I struggled with the most is the Design Blitz. While it wasn’t a hard assignment, something still intimidates me about taking photographs. There are so many instances that I would think “this is a great place for the design blitz” whether it was during a run, at the mall, or at the lake, but I would get to nervous to pull out my camera that I ended up procrastinating that assignment the most. I didn’t have too much interaction with classmates on Twitter as last week, but I added the class document with all our URL’s to my CPSC 106 folder so I can open it and comment on different posts! I still need to work on my procrastination, which this course is forcing me to do, but it’s definitely a lot easier to do a few things a day at a time then everything in a weekend. My biggest fight in a post was trying to include a video from Flickr and Vimeo, I think they don’t like each other and would keep overlapping on the post. One thing I want to achieve by next week is seeing if I can change the color of individual post pages.

Design Assignments (16 stars total)

Are We There Yet? (3 stars)

Wedding Invitation (3 stars)

Super Hero — Super Villain Your Friend (2 stars)

Bad Guy Business Card (2 stars)

The Ultimate Merger (4 stars)

Favorite Movie Quote (2 stars)

Animated GIFs

Subtitle GIF (3 stars)

Get Off My Porch (3 stars)

Twitter Feed Creates

The Daily Create 2

Other Assignments

The Vignelli Cannon Reflection

Design Blitz

40% of the course & 6 weeks of work, done.

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