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Grand Finale

Avery is on her way home from another 12 hour shift at work. She’s tired of hearing the same music she has on shuffle, while she does love it, everything just feels monotonous. Instead of taking her regular route to work, she goes the long way, willingly sitting in traffic just to be out of the house a bit longer. She turns the radio to a random station that doesn’t have an insane amount of static.

I was on my way home, taking the curvy back roads with my windows down to get some relief after a long shift. There’s so much traffic, but honestly it is better than just sitting at home right now. Let me turn on the radio, let’s see if there is anything interesting… wait no, way?

Fictional Radio Ad 4 1/2 Stars

Well, hi! I should probably introduce myself. My name is Avery Lopez. I’m from a small town in Marfa, Texas. I am your typical every day girl, well at least I think so. I live with my parents and work at a restaurant in our town. I haven’t been too sure what I wanted to do after high school and got surprisingly good at managing the restaurant, so that’s kind of taken over my life the past couple of years. There is some advantages, especially karaoke night. Karaoke night is the only thing that makes me feel happy and fills me up with some type of emotions that isn’t so… basic. I feel fulfilled, empowered, amazing… but in my household that can’t be a career. I was always raised with the mindset that I needed to get a degree to get a good job and work in a building with A/C so I wouldn’t have to work in crazy conditions like my parents did. And I understand that, but this… this could be my chance.

Against my better judgement, I sneakily take the day off and go to the audition in Dallas. It’s a few hours away so I had to be tactical with it, but I think it can be done.

This is after Avery’s audition. She just auditioned with her favorite song She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5. This is the song she would listen as she got ready in the morning for school and whenever she studied or cleaned. This is a song she could play and sing-a-long with her mom and for 4 minutes and 27 seconds all her worries went away. This assignment fits perfect for displaying the climax of the story.

Design to Shock (4 stars)

WOW! I can’t believe I made it past the audition. And straight to the finale!! Is this a dream? I can’t believe it! Well I can, but I can’t. This is everything I wanted and work towards and I’m finally getting it. I am going to enjoy this.

I finish my drive back home that night and wreck my brain on how I’m going to tell my parents. My mom did tell me once “its better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission” and while I know that can be a double edged sword, I think now is best time as ever to use that.

By the time I get home, its late and I know my parents are asleep. I go inside as if I was just coming home from work and sit in my room trying to contain my excitement, but nervousness of how everything’s going to go.

It’s the next morning… I go to eat breakfast and prepare to talk to my parents. Deep breaths, I can do this.
“Congratulations!” my mom greets me as I walk into the kitchen. My dad continues eating, but gives me a smile.
“For what?” I ask, in genuine confusion, did I do something? What’s going on?

She pushes forward the Daily Dallas newspaper we get every morning towards me.

Oh. My. GOSH. It’s me??

Newspaper Design (4 stars)

That was the last moment I remember before the whirlwind began with having to set up to leave to LA. My parents were supportive, which was the biggest sigh of relief, and my friends and coworkers were excited for me. I take the next days to get all my things in order. I work as much overtime as I can to be able to take off all the days I need. Working 18 hour shifts is NOT my favorite, but it definitely gets the job done.

I’m mid-shift on a Wednesday when one of our restaurant hosts runs up to me “AVERY! Did you see?” “No?” I respond to her. She drags me towards our main dining room and points towards the TV.

It’s a commercial! For the finale?? Top 4?? Only 4 of us are going to LA? Oh my. I watch in disbelief as all my coworkers gather around and cheer. I can’t believe this, it’s coming so soon.

Create A Commercial (5 stars)

It’s the day! I pack up my car with a week’s worth of clothes and go to LA! I did not know I was supposed to provide my own transportation so I definitely brought out my management skills to plan out the right stops, exits and everything in between. My Toyota Four Runner is nice and big, but a huge gas guzzler so we’ll see how that takes me! I hug my parents, look at my license plate that reads “Free Sprt” for Free Spirit and smile. I feel free and I feel the spirit. My mom has tears welling her in her eyes and she cheers as I drive away.

Design A License Plate (3 1/2 stars)

I have my first stop to fill my tank and it’s right after the sign for New Mexico! One state down. I luckily had my polaroid camera that I was gifted and asked someone around my age to take a picture for me. I love it. I thank them, and keep chugging along. My windows are down, music is blasting, I think I have done more vocal exercises than ever before! But this is great.

3 MORE hours later and I make it to Arizona! State #2 down and officially half way through the trip. I reload and go inside the gas station to get some snacks for the remaining trip. I call my mom and she’s glad to hear, my dad just says hi in the background a to be safe. I run to the closest sign to get another picture and am back on the road. I am so excited, it’s like in the blink of an eye, everything changed. Well, not EVERYTHING, but to me it’s everything I have been working on. The finale is in 2 days, so I need to focus on getting there, settling in and rehearsing. This could really change EVERYTHING.

Two Image Graphic Spread (3 stars)

To be continued…

WOW! We’re done. This is crazy. The disclaimer for this class was definitely as true as can be. For this week I would rate it a 10/10. This final assignment is a true culmination of everything we have learned this term. I was so excited going into the project that I immediately jumped into on Monday with drafting what I wanted the base to be. Tuesday and Wednesday was a culmination of choosing assignments and doing my audio and video ones. Thursday and Friday I spent with design and visual assignments and completing those. Once I started the story I just wanted to keep going and going and wow, it really engulfed me for hours. Being able to create tutorials is like second nature now and honestly makes me focus more on the details that I usually wouldn’t. I feel like an intermediate user of WordPress after using it almost everyday for the past 5 weeks! I learned the most about audio and video with the assignments because those are the two medias I used the least professionally. They really go hand in hand though, because being able to work with one pushes you to engage with the other. I also learned that Canva is my best friend. Check out if you haven’t, I feel like it SAVED me this term and helped guide me through assignments. I would nothing the same if I did the class over. I honestly put a lot of work and effort into the class and I feel like I got the same amount of learning and experience out of it. I pushed myself especially with the final project doing 3,4, and 5 stars assignments throughout. Overall, this was the most exciting and I might continue it on my own time! Definitely will keep my DS 106 twitter to follow the Daily Create which just became a part of my everyday routine.

Assignments: For the last time 🙂 (24 stars)
Fictional Radio Ad 4 1/2 Stars
Design to Shock (4 stars)
Newspaper Design (4 stars)
Create A Commercial (5 stars)
Two Image Graphic Spread (3 stars)

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