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Lucky Number 4

PHEW, week 4! Weekly rating: 8/10 for sure! Maybe even a 9.
This week I got to dive into Video work. I love taking videos when I go out and do anything so I was very excited to be able to get a jump onto this week assignments. Because I was so interested in this week being able to listen to podcasts, videos and do summaries was a lot better than other weeks. I was able to interact with my classmates a bit more on their blogs and realize I want to change my blog template, so if you come back and see something different that’s why! If not, just wait. I chose to do 3 assignments this week to share with everyone. I liked the daily create’s a lot this week too and got interaction on there too. I did and update on my Soundcloud (above) and thankfully had Flickr and Vimeo to keep my videos and photos instead of on my phone or desktop, my storage says thank you. The hardest part of this week was extending my videos, I have gotten used to seeing shorter fast paced videos and those are the kinds that I was able to produce. I definitely give props to anyone who makes a video over 5 minutes. Officially almost done! I am so excited going into the last week having to combine all the skills we have learned throughout the course. I sneak peeked to what we would have to do, so I definitely honed in more on some of my skills this week.

This Week’s Assignments!

Reading Movies Methods

Look. Listen. Analyze.

Today It’s All About Me (2 1/2 stars)

TikTok Of Your Pet (3 stars)

What I Eat In A Day? (5 stars)

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