That was Week 1?

I guess… that was week 1? That felt like four weeks worth of work in one, but hey! That’s what I signed up for in a summer course. It feels somewhat better to be doing this than just watching YouTube videos all day after work. One thing I definitely am getting from this course so far is that I need to slow down and read all the instructions. This week’s work seemed like an operation OVERLOAD, but once I printed out, highlighted, and divided what I needed to do, it was a lot easier than expected. Time consuming? Yes. Impossible? No. Due to my procrastination, my laptop died/froze for about an hour when trying to do my assignments so I wanted to throw it against the wall.

Pulling assignments from the Visual bank was a lot better than I expected. University seems so rigged, and so… this is what you need to do and exactly how to do it. And I like that this class emphasizes that the course is digital STORYTELLING, so some of this content may be true… or not. And that is ok! I am proud of how I did the assignments, especially from the visual bank, I have a couple tutorials I did that I will probably upload later to help some classmates because I feel that I could really help some people out! I will carve out a bit more time during the week to do the assignments, instead of leaving them for the weekend. The biggest struggle I had was time. I did not factor in all the graduations I needed to attend this week as well as closing out my responsibilities at my job.
The photo safari, we had to do was challenging in trying to think abstractly, but fun because I could interpret anything with the photos and turn it how I wanted. The readings and videos we had, as wells as some other basic google searches I did, helped with my photography skills. Those combined with the wide range of photos we could take made this assignment a good “something different” to do.

Going into next week there are a few things I am hoping to do different. I am going to map out more throughout the week when I can get assignments done, there are a handful in total, but doing one a day is more feasible than all in one day. I recorded my process of doing the visual assignments, but was not sure if those would count as me completing it? So I wrote out the steps, personally I like screen recording and explaining, so if I could do that versus writing them out it would be a plus. I definitely have to push to the back of my head the “oh I don’t know if I want this to be online” because this is STORYTELLING. All this can be under a fake name, fake storylines, fake university, fake world? Being able to have separate social medias make this a bit easier, but I wonder how much different I would feel if I had to put this on my personal social medias. I also want/need to comment and interact more with my classmates work! My favorite assignment this week was the Love: In Three Frames. Just being able to compile memories is so fun and this project showed me how easy it was!


Daily Creates! These are so fun to do.
Is Destination in that Direction? : May 17, 2022
Visual Framework : May 21, 2022

Visual Assignments: My Eyes Point of Creativity
1. Draw It (2 stars)
2. City Graphic Poster (3 stars)
3. Pick a Bad Photo, Apply a Vintage Effect And Write Something in Helvetica (2 stars)
4. Love: In Three Frames (3 stars)

Other Assignments: I did do them.
Photo safari
Reflection for Photo safari
Improving a photo!
Learning reflection

Some interaction with classmates on Twitter!

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