Massimo Vignelli created Helvetica, originally Neue Haas Grotesk. Yes, the font! I know everything is made by someone, but why did I assume that fonts were just made by computers? When technically all the information that came and are inserted into computers are from people’s minds. I read the text in our week assignment regarding Vignelli just to get an overall picture for this reflection. But reading on more of his accomplishments, the creation of the American Airlines logo, I was surprisingly inclined to learn more.

American Airlines logo created by Vignelli

Getting towards the end of the reading, there was a movie mentioned that he produced titled, Helvetica.

I am about 20 minutes into this documentary, while writing this reflection and there is many interesting things that have already been said of the typefaces, which is there version of saying fonts. Vignelli says the reason he created Helvetica was for legibility. You can put anything into Helvetica and it can be understood. The amount of thought that version of simplicity is mindboggling to me. Another thing Vignelli said was “People think typefaces are black and white, when really they are only white.” This comes from his thought process of the spacing (white parts) between the letters (black). Vignelli and his wife open Vignelli Designs Inc, which focused on modernism and simplicity. Vignelli’s influence definitely still makes an impact today with the simplistic look being more and more popular, from furniture and designs to even clothing. There is so much I am learning from this documentary. Helveltica means “The Swiss Typeface!” the name ‘Neue Haas Grotesk’ did not appeal to sell in the American market which was its intent. Watch the documentary above! It’s definitely food for thought and pushes the boundary of creativity. Everything is made by someone. Just because you may think “oh no, no one would care if I made this” wrong! Imagine living in a world where chairs weren’t ergonomically or we still had to walk everywhere because of lack of cars, all that comes from designs.

Kim Kardashian home based on simplicity

Vignelli’s interpretation of the typefaces and creation of Helvetica and modernism through his designs have surely been a canon into the changes and improvements of style. Despite his passing in 2014, his work continues to flow through the design world.

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