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Movie Scene: Fight Club – Do not fuck with us

I chose a scene from Fight Club given I have never seen the movie and have heard its quite the iconic one. I broke down my reviews in the three ways I was instructed.

Look: The character with his face all in the screen obviously makes him the point of focus for the scene, his position is referred to is strong axis. But also those with masks in the background I felt my eyes shifting back and forth trying to gather features in case I needed to identify people in a police line up. The lighting is darker on his face and he is placed on the left side which is the negative side so his ambiance is already darker. The scenes went back to who I am assuming is the victim’s face straight on and allowed enough time to focus on the fear in his face then quickly going back to the original screen. The lighting on his face is bright and emphasizes the lack of color and fear in him. I noticed that black and white were recurring colors between the clothing/masks and the flooring pattern.

Listen: The tone is the first thing that stuck out to me. It sounds firm, but not fearful. And listening to the words, it sounds like they are trying to tell someone all the benefits that they are providing. The words that stick out are depend, cook, haul, connect, drive, guard. These are all action words of what they do for another person. However the closing line of “do Not fuck with us” changes the protective tone I originally had. It now sounds more like a threat.

Analyze: Putting together audio and visual (A&V) is definitely movie magic. The biggest thing that I noticed is the echo that comes from the main characters voice. It emphasizes the emptiness, loneliness and sense of “no one can hear you.” And the tone of the voice combined with the strong axis of the blonde character sets his presence as dominant. Also how the victim is not making any other sounds or are any of the people in the background.

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