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TikTok or Not

Original DS 106 Assignment: TikTok Of Your Pet (3 stars)

What’s more modern than TikTok? Probably the “Tap to Pay” feature, but I’m not sure how to make that so we will stick to TikTok. Upon extensive research, one of the most popular sounds is a mix of the Mission Impossible theme song, it goes dun dun dunnnnnn, dun dun duuun, DUN and repeats. To showcase a skill and include a trending sound, I scouted far and wide to find a potential lead. After several interviews and mixes with sounds the below was produced.

Lead Actor: Muffin
Producer: Evelyn
Editor: Evelyn
Creative Executive: Evelyn


Steps We Took To Create This Masterpiece

Step 1: Open the TikTok app and select to record at the bottom middle of the app.

Step 2: Set the scene. For this scene, we start with the lead coming in at a left strong axis and immediately staying on the right side to show their position is positive. *This took a bit of practice so budget time for that*

Tip: Lighting! For this scene the lighting is darker to focus on the red laser and increase the intensity.

Step 3: Add Audio. TikTok has a great feature that can have popular audios or music to add to videos. Shuffling through them before recording can give you inspiration or finding one after can be the perfect fit.

Step 4: Save to Vimeo. This way we can upload it to Canva to add intro/outro.

Step 5: Upload to Canva and add intro and outro slides to meet assignment requirements!

Step 6: Download and save to Vimeo! This can be shared and embedded into other social medias and even blog posts!

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Hey Evelyn,
I love this!! You said it yourself, this creation is a masterpiece!! I had actually thought about doing this assignment, but I’ve never made a Tiktok before (I know, shame on me as a 20-something y/o) so I decided to do my assignments in iMovie instead. BUT, with that being said, I have had tons of fun watching everyone’s Tiktok’s for this assignment and yours is fabulous! I think the music choice is really what brings it all together. And Muffin is adorable.
Also, your tutorial is very thorough, so as a TikTok newbie I thank you!

First of all, this video is so cute! I like that you created a tutorial because I also did this assignment and I just said that everything was pretty self-explanatory on the platform. I also like that you added an intro/outro on Canva because it is a pretty smart idea!

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