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Who’s Our Next Star?

Original DS 106 Assignment: Create A Commercial (5 stars)

Step 1: Go to Here there are many templates to follow as a beginner to learn the basic of video editing.

Step 2: Following the guidelines for this, I search for “YouTube video” and several templates pop up. I find a template that fits the look I am going for and start with that. There are also blank templates you can work with if there is already a design in your mind.

Step 3: EDIT! This is the most time consuming part. While there is a template, you need to go back and change text/photos/colors to fit what you are trying to produce. Since this is supposed to be a commercial for a show, it needs to have bright colors and emphasize that its in LA.

Step 4: Editing the slides. Since this is promotion for the finale, I wanted to showcase the finalists. Each have a name and town they represent to create more of a connection with the audience.

Step 5: Audio! To create the ambience of the video, there should be appropriate audio added. The attention grabbing of upbeat pop music makes the add feel exciting. I also decided to add audio when the finalists are presented to give an audience presence to it already. Audio can be adjusted and moved. I found my best Canva tips from this fellow YouTuber, Aurelius Tjin.

Step 6: Export! Once you have it downloaded and saved, rename it so it is easy to be found. From here we can go to upload to YouTube.

Step 7: Open YouTube. From here click the camera in right corner that says “Create” as you hover over it. Once you click on that it will open on this page.

Step 8: Upload! You can select from file or drag and drop your video here. It will move you forward to add titles, description, tags, etc. Your video will generate a link that you can use to share.

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