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Another City Graphic Poster

Original DS 106 Assignment: City Graphic Poster (3 stars)

I love scenery photo so this seemed like a no brainer to do. I had this photo of National Harbor skyline I took when driving one day, yes I did drive around with no destination, but with recent gas prices, I refuse. 0 people have completed the assignment so there was nothing to follow, maybe I will upload a tutorial of my own when I figure out how to do that!

How most people feel about gas prices right now.

With my major being in Communications and Digital Studies, being able to transfer photos into posters and advertisements is something I need to be able to do quickly, this is where a majority of the job market is. Ok, well not majority, but for entry level positions the grunt work may be producing multiples of these everyday. I am hopefully going to be using some of my work from this class and creating a portfolio to present with job opportunities.

Step 1: Open Canva at
Step 2: Select “Create Design” and scroll down to “Poster” or the desired size.
Step 3: Select the photos you want to use and edit for the graphic poster. Adjust the photo to fill the poster as much as needed and crop.

Step 4: Add any gradience, stickers, or add any filters with the tabs on the left hand side.
Step 5: Add text! This can be promotional, something basic like the city, state or town.

Step 6: Add any more fixings! This can be great for town events, fundraiser, or upkeeping town morale. This can be taken far more beyond just adding a town name, and is multiuse.
Step 7: Click “Share” and select how you want to save your media or share it towards any social medias!

Gender reveal version on the right! National Harbor allows the option to rent a time to slot to project the color of a gender on their ferris wheel! My gender reveal is Feb 30 so I edited the photo to fit what I needed! Be there if you can make it!

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