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Original DS106 Assingment: Draw It! (2 stars)

I cycled through some tutorials by other classmates, as well as looking at other classmates posts finding what to do. Hopefully I did not get any viruses from clicking on so many links, but I did find one that got it done quickly! I screen recorded probably one of the EASIEST tutorials to follow to get an assignment done (at the end of this page). I have been wanting to get a photo of Muffin as a drawing, but finding people who do drawings of animals is harder to find in this area, so this will probably be an alternative I will do! Also for family photos, memoirs, military, etc this would be a great way to add some more sentiment. This will definitely be what I was use as a go to gift.

Step 1: Go to (opens as
Step 2: In the search bar for the photo effects, type “sketch” since we are trying to make a photo look like a drawing.

Step 3: Select the photo effect/frame you want to use to convert your image.
Step 4: Upload your image and lets the processor do its work!

Since this is a free site there are MANY ads, try to avoid click any.

Step 5: You can save your image to your computer or use the link to share it or post on Facebook.

Draw it Assignment completed by

I’m probably going to redo this with another photo and print it and frame it! I love supporting local artist, but I also need to save my money while having a picture of my first baby.


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