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Love: Not Enough Frames

Original DS 106 Assignment: Love: In Three Frames

Our love in three photos. This was the “try a random one” assignment I got, which perfectly fulfilled my need for 10 total stars. I took pictures of my long-time boyfriend, Andy, and realized I was able to get one from every other year. We are going to get married soon and I though this was such a cute thing to be able to make in light of all the stressful planning! Andy and I met through friends and immediately clicked… I liked to talk and he liked to listen. 5 years later, we have a kitten, have lived in two apartments, have gone on countless trips to many states, traveled internationally for the first time and going through college! Among all else, Andy and I are best friends. We don’t have to sugarcoat things to prevent the other from getting upset. We like watching reality shows, going to the beach, and working to save for the future we both want. *cries*

Step 1: Open
Step 2: Download all photos you want to use and have them on standby in Flickr, Google Photos, or even your desktop.
Step 3: On Canva, click “Create Design” and scroll down to select “Instagram Post”
Step 4: Under templates, search “Photo frames” and select one that has space for three photos.

Step 5: Import photos into template and hover over the frame you want them to go into.
Step 6: Edit the text to say something endearing or funny! Click on “Elements” on the left hand side to add any stickers as you see fit.
Step 7: Click “Share” and scroll to “Download” and select the format that you want this download, or shared to your social media.

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