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Making a Good Picture Great

I was setting up for my photo safari and was outside with my might stead, Muffin. To get inspiration for improving a photo, there is no better focus than her. First I have a picture I took of her just within an instant.

The tip I used was “Look to the light” from Make Better Photographs by David Duchemin. One of the things I wanted to highlight is Muffin’s green eyes, that look so beautiful against her gray and white fur. They jump out in regular lighting, but she enjoys being outside as well so I sought how to take advantage of that. I moved her out of the shade and into the sun, within an enclosed space because she will run away, and faced her away from the sun. It was about 1PM EST, so the sun was just overhead of where we were. Within a couple shots of getting her attention and looking at the camera, I got the below shot that highlight her eyes more than I have seen in any photo before. This took only an extra couple moments, but it will be a technique that I will do to take our monthly update pictures of her! While on surface, it is just a photo of a cat, to me there is a deeper meaning with all the photos I have of Muffin. I got Muffin when she was barely 8 weeks old and away from her mom for the first time. She was a gift for my boyfriend as he wanted a kitten and we needed something to fill the empty space in our apartment. She is our first experience of being fully responsible of the well being and livelihood of someone besides ourselves. While people may think it’s strange to think of a cat as your own child, but that’s what she is to us. She has gotten lost once, gotten spayed, had a femur fracture, and traveled to a couple states all within her first year of life. Photos are the memories for when we can’t remember or to share with those who can’t always be with us. Sometimes one photo can make the difference of our lives. The Migrant Mother photo and author emphasizes on the important of this as well. Sometimes when you want to give up, not produce, or not show your point of view, you have to remember the difference it could make to anyone else, but above all else, the difference it makes to you.
Migrant Mother:

Link to the free resource book of tips to take better photos!

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