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Not Really A Bad Photo

Original DS106 Assignment: Pick A Bad Photo, Apply A Vintage Effect And Write Something In Helvetica (2 stars)

For this bad photo, I used an old photo I had that is funny, but had no real use because it is bad quality. I took the photo, added a filter that Canva provided, and used Helvetica*-ish font provided to make it into something useful. Now this can be used as an advertisement or when teaching kids about crossing the street. Or professionals. Maybe not professionals, but it is informative! This may be a tactic that could be used to spread important information, forget the blank background put pictures of animals!

Safety Photo for Crossing Guard Training

Step 1: Open Canva on
Step 2: Click on “Create A Design” and scroll down to “Instagram Post”

Instagram post format is best for this type of content to get shared across multiple platforms.

Step 3: Upload photo you want to edit. Photos can be uploaded from Flickr, Google Photos, Instagram, etc.
*Intermission music while you find the photo you want to use*
Step 4: Click on the image, on the left hand side there is Edit Image, and click on filters. Apply the filter you want.
Step 5: Click on text on the left hand side, add the text you want in Helvetica font.

Step 6: Click Share on the top right hand side, and save the image in the format you want or share it to your social medias.

After reading this tutorials and seeing the final product, you are now 1 more person who knows about street crossing safety!

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